About Stuart Kusher / sculptor

To have the heart to conceive and the hand to execute defines Stuart Kusher: a self taught sculptor who pushes the traditional bronze into innovative and fresh territory by blending the classic Renaissance with a style for the 21st century.

Unlike many before him, Stuart opts to sculpt directly from his imagination, foregoing live models or photographs.  One might ask, "Why?" and the reason is simple: Stuart prefers to let the clay speak to him, allowing him to breathe life into an otherwise lifeless block of clay. The absence of a model frees Stuart to interpret the form not as it should be, but rather how it could be.  Perfection is not the answer.  In Stuart's eyes, seeking out the nuances of the human form helps him find the humanity in his work.

Stuart's work showcases a broad array of creativity with works ranging from table top to monumental-sized sculptures. Every piece stands on its own, but together there is a synthesis of honesty and emotion that connects the body of work.  Stuart welcomes the fear of failure and uses that to push his work further than he could have ever imagined.  Luckily for us, Stuart has clearly overcome this "fear."

He has many career highlights and accomplishments, such as graduating from The Art Center College of Design with honors and founding two companies as a Creative Director, but the best way to capture Stuart's "Joie de Vivre" is to state: he's from Brooklyn.  

Enough said.